Friday, April 9, 2010

DDCC #75 : a gable box

Hi everyone,
I'm back!! After 2 months of no blogging and no cardmaking I'm back. At least I think so. The past few months I've been in some kind of winterdepression. Completely no energy and no inspiration. For someone that can't sit still for more then 5 minutes it's really weird to sit and do nothing for most part of the winter. But spring finally arrived here in Holland, and with the sun shining more and more every day I feel my energy slowly coming back.
Today I want to show you my very first project after 2 months doing nothing. It's a cute gable box which is this weeks challenge over at the Dutch Dare Card Challenge. The pattern for this box can be downloaded on this weeks challenge.
It's nothing fancy but a great project to get me starting again.

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy your weekend.

xoxo Karin


ursula Uphof said...

Good that you are back and feeling better.

Maureen said...

Hé Karin, ik had je al gemist!

Blij dat je er weer bent meid!
En ja alles ziet er weer wat vrolijker uit met het zonnetje, dat kan niemand zijn ontgaan ;-)


P.S. Je doosje is mooi geworden!

Maureen said...


Ik heb wat leuks voor je op mijn blog, kom je even kijken?

Fijne zondagmiddag nog!


Kathi said...

Hi Karin,
I am soooo glad you are back and start to feel better.
Missed you!!!
The box is very pretty :-)
XOXO Kathi

Loes said...

Fijn dat je er weer bent Karin, ik heb je gemist.
Je doosje is leuk geworden!


This is such a lovely project hunny your obviously on top form again with your creating hunny, big hugs Linda x

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if I should write Dutch or English, but English is a bit easier for me. I love the colours that you used on your box. and the stamp is so cute. Bedankt dat jij mijn doosje leuk vondt en dat jij bent op bezoek geweest bij mijn blog. Groetjes Monica