Saturday, November 1, 2008

2 awards

This week I received 2 great awards from 2 great ladies.
I received the 'I love your blog' award from Dawn Marie.
Thank you so much for this great award, you've made my day with it.

The second award is given to me by Begona.
It's a Spanish one and translated it means: Feeling like a child.
And you know what: when I'm crafting I'm feeling like a child: I get to play with papers, scissors, glue and the most fun thing colouring all those great images.
Thank you for this great award.

Because I already passed the 'I love your blog' award and I have no idea to how many ladies I can pass on the second award, I'm passing on those two award to all the ladies that read my blog and leave such sweet comments every time.
Have a great weekend,
xoxo Karin

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