Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blogcandy in exchange for a nice RAK

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As many of you know I'm hosting 2 challengeblogs : the Dutch Dare Cards Challenge and the Just X-mas and B-day cards challenge.
On those blogs I'm working together with a bunch of wonderfull ladies (18 all together).
Every week they make the most beautifull DT-cards and they are doing this because they are having fun. They don't get payed or recieve scrapping supplies.
For a while now I'm thinking about a way to show them how much I appreciate what they are doing. But sending out 18 nice packages is even for my budget a bit to much.
So I got this really crazy idea, and mayby I'm asking to much of you.
I'm putting up a candy and in exchange I'm asking you to send one of my DT-members a nice RAK-package. And for those who think this is to much, there's another candy.
* spread the word about my candy on your blog and leave a comment on this post ( please add your emailaddress too)
If you've done this you are in for the first candy.
Your own name stamp from a Dutch Webshop called: Trendy Woelmuis
(the stamp shown is just an example. You can choose your own).
Candy closes on Dec. 7th, winner will be announced the day after.

* If you are spreading the word about my blogcandy on your blog and if you are willing to send one of my DT-member a nice RAK-Package you'll be in for the BIG CANDY.
The 3 Magnolia stamps shown on this post.
Leave a comment on this post telling me you want to send a nice RAK-package and mention your emailaddress if you want to enter this candy.
Candy closes on Dec. 7th. Winner will be announced the day after.


This way I want to show my DT-members how much I'm appreciating what they are doing for the challenge blogs.
Have a nice weekend,
xoxo Karin


terriavidreader said...

OH, do I get to be #1?
OHHH, I love blog candy. I don't have a blog, so if I qualify some other way, great. This is a very cool site! Thanks.

bolha said...

Gorgeous candy. I would love to have my own stamp. :) I told about your candy on my BLOG. My e-mail is
x Natasha x

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe of your cards that I just saw on your blog. This is the first I have been to your blog.....and I will be visiting it all the time now. I will spread the word of your blog also. TFS!!

Gail :-)

Kim said...

I would LOVE to send an RAK to one of your DT members! I have one in mind if you don't mind us picking! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Loreal Blondi said...

I am so stupid that must ask what is a RAK? Tell me, maybe there are others too who don't know...

Mada said...

Blondi, you are not stupid, please don't say that!

RAK means "Random Act of Kindness" - when you send somebody a card with or without a small gift attached, out of the kindness of your heart.

Not because it's a special occasion (like B-day or Easter or Christmas, etc.) or because you have to reciprocate for their card/gift to you.
Also, as far as I know, you should not expect to receive the same back - meaning you should not be disappointed or consider that person as uncivilized if they don't send a gift back. :)

Hope this helps...


[Karin, I apologize if my answering to this was innapropriate]

Loreal Blondi said...

Thank You for your kind answer! Now I know what it means. Hurray!

Daniela/Neliz said...

Now ive written about this in my blog:

Id love to have a stamp like that! Supercute!

Hugs, Daniela/neliz (

Stitchinwitch said...

I've blogged about your candy and I would love to RAK a DT member

wolfmoon at

Littlekel90 said...

Oooh, I would LOVE to win those Magnolias, so I will post this for tomorrow so others can find your wonderful calorie-free sweets, too! :D What a GREAT way to RAK your DT members. I will send some images and a card out very soon. Kel

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin! Gorgeous candies. I would like to send a RAK and I put the link in my blog candy alerts. But, how do I choose and how do I get an address? Thanks.

My email: