Thursday, September 3, 2009

Help wanted!!!!

Hi Everyone,
sorry no card today, but a request.
Just like many of you I'm a member of Paper Craft Planet.... a fabulous community with a lot of fun groups, challenges and examples.
Overthere I host the 'WE LOVE TO SEND A RAK' group. I've met a lot of great ladies overthere and we organise a lot of fun things every month.
But with all the fun things we organise overthere everything becomes a little bit dis-organised. And that where I could use your help.
I'm planning on setting up a new community which should be filled with a lot of groups doing fun things, lots of photo's to inspire everybody etc. I'm a real disaster with computers and now I'm looking for a few ladies who are willing to help me setting this up.
So if you are great with computers, banners, blinkies, organising things, or even want to host a challenge group etc. please send me a email for more details.
Looking forward to hear from you.
xoxo Karin

1 comment:

me-bear said...

*bloos* *schaam* volgens mij wacht er nog iemand al een hele tijd op een persoonlijke banner en blinkie....
Mocht je wat deze oproep betreft er niet uitkomen of sowieso m'n hulp nog bent en blijft welkom hoor. Ik begin m'n draai op m'n nieuwe pc en m'n nieuwe fotoprogje aardig te vinden, dus dat is het goede nieuws ;)
En wat betreft die andere banner...ik ben je nog niet vergeten hoor! ASAP!
hug, Monica