Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My challenge for you with some candy

This post will stay on top untill August 5th.
Al new posts below this one.


My oldest daughter Ruby is turning 6 in August. For the first time she's going to have a party.
And to make invitations, treatbaggs and a birthday card is always a last minute action.
Why wait untill the last minute when there are a lot of talented ladies who can help me with the most difficult part: Ideas.

Here's my challenge for you:

1 Make a card, or a treatbagg or a birthdayparty invitation and post it on your blog. (you get 1 entry)
(It also can be an old one posted earlier on your blog)
2 Make a post about my challenge/candy and tell everyone about it ( you get 1 entry)
3 Link me on your blogroll ( you get 1 entry)
If you complete all things you'll be getting 3 entries.
(If you don't have a blog, leave a comment and send me an email (with or without a picture)

This challenge/candy stays open untill August 5th and I ship worldwide. I'm publishing the winner the day after.

And now for the candy you can winn.

A bag full of nice goodies: a lot of Berry Sweet papers, Ribbon, Flowers, an Alphabet clearstampset, Brads and a lot of stampprints (only a few on the picture).

Candy up-date!!!

I've decided that everyone that enters my candy gets a small something by email.
You've still got 3 days to enter my candy.
please mention your emailadress so I can send you my little gift.

Good luck to you all

xoxo Karin


Anonymous said...

hey karin,

ff testen of het zo wil.
gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe award, en succes weer verder.

groetjes monique

Mada_ro said...

Karin, thank you for a great challenge and for the chance to win a fabulous blog candy.

I posted about it on my blog, I added a link to your blog on my "Must see blogs" list and I made a birthday card for Ruby. :)

You can see everything in HERE

I hope my comment is correct, I wasn't sure if I had to post in here or send an email or something


Kathy said...

Thanks so much Karin for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments!! Lauren was thrilled to receive an award from your daughters!!! It really made her day!! (Also, could you send us your address so that they can make Ruby a b-day card??? I show them where everyone lives and they think it is so cool that they have awards from people who live "forever" away!!! Thanks again. My email is charlesandkathy@hotmail.com if you don't mind giving us the address!! Thanks.....)

Heidi said...

Karin! This is great blog candy. And yes,I love those little Hanglar boys as well. I find it hard to find boy stuff- but they are so sweet. Heidi

Zoe said...

Hello Karin
I have something for you on my blog.

Dana Rose said...

I love the challenge! My mom and I just found a fun owl stamp set that I tried out for the first time for this challenge. Check it out!


Happy stamping!


All Pink girl said...

Wow what fabulous candy ,thanks for the chance to win ,takcare Dawnx

Ila said...

Hi Karin...I posted it on my blog and added you to my blog roll...Funny I thought I already had you there...Oh well...added the girls too. Great Candy!!..Thanks for sharing!!...Hugs, Ila

Aliogator said...

Hi, thanks for sharing. I posted a link on my blog.

craftyb said...

Hi Karin, I helped my niece make some cute treat bags for her birthday party...couldn't find a photo of her party invites which were sweet!! You can see them here!! bx

ribenaruby said...

Hello I'm new to challenges. I would like to wish your daughter a Happy Birthday with my creation- hope she likes it. Lovely jubbly candy. Link is on my blog.

Holly said...

oh I would love to win this just for the magnolia images! I posted about your blog candy on my blog and also have you linked on my blog roll. I'd love you take a look at my blog anyway!
Your blog is marvelous!

Creative B Bee said...

I have posted this blog candy alerts on my blog list. I don't have a card but I love so much of your candy so I try my luck here!!TFS

Cheryl Richter said...

Hey Karin,

hier is mijn kaart voor je dochter en voor jouw challenge. Echt leuk hoor! Ik wilde eerst een nieuwe kaart maken, maar ik had er nog eentje op mijn blog staan, die ik niet voor een andere challenge gebruik. Wens je dochter maar alvast een hele fijne dag toe!
Dank je wel voor de kans om te winnen en de mooie blog candy!

Groetjes Cheryl

Hier is mijn kaartje.

Carola L said...

I want to participate - I sadly don't have the time to do any card :-(

But I've put a link in my blog and you're in my blog roll :-)


Bubbles said...

Great challenge and Happy Birthday to your daughter, now off to add a link and card on my blog.
Joanne x

Maria said...

Hi Karin - thanks for the chance to win your generous blog candy. I have added you to my blogroll, posted about your candy and posted a party invite. Hope you like it.
Hugs, Maria

Hanne said...

Hi Karin,
I have now added you to my blogroll and told about your fabulous blog candy in my blog.

Wish me luck ;)
Hugs, Hanne:)

Nixe07 said...

Hi Karin,
I have also told about your great blog candy on my blog. Happy Birthday to your daughter ... and thanks for the chance to win :)
Big Hugs, Moni

Heike said...

Hi Karin, thank you for the chance to win a fabulous blog candy. Congratulations to your daughter

I've link you on my Blog.....


Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

Hi there! here is a card I made for my cousin's sons birthday... simple but easy to recreate!


I've also linked you here: http://amandajenks.blogspot.com/2008/08/blog-candys.html

V Colbourne said...

Hello! Here is a link to the first card I have ever made- it's quite girlie, which I thought was cute for your daughters birthday :)

I have also linked you up and added you to my blogroll, feel free to drop by! newfienes.blogspot.com

Claudia said...

hoi Karin,

Bedankt voor je award! Leuk dat iemand je werk en blog zo waardeerd. Ik heb jou ook een award gegeven omdat je altijd weer leuke challenges, swaps en andere uitdagingen organiseert. Echt toppie hoor! Kijk maar op mijn blog.
Groetjes, Claudia.

Annie217 said...

Thanks so much for offering this amazing candy. I have linked you here:

I hope your daughter has a terrific birthday and that her party is lovely.

Take care,

Annelies said...

Hey Karin, nr 2 en 3 heb ik in orde gebracht. Kijk maar eens op m'n blog. Ik hoop dit weekend nog wat tijd te hebben om ook nr 1 af te werken. Groetjes, Annelies (scrapannelies at yahoo dot com)

ANGELO said...

Hello there. I would love to join in on your blog candy. I have put a notice up for everyone to read in my blog. And I have put a link to your blog in my side bar.
You mentioned something about sending an e-mail so here's my address kristinangelolyngstad@yahoo.no

lisa808 said...

Hi Karin,

Great blog candy.

Here is a link to 'Nugget Purses' on my blog. They would be cute for your daughter's party.


I'm also posting a link on my blog for your candy.


Doris said...

here is my blog entry about your candy http://doris86place.blogspot.com/2008/08/karins-blog-candy.html

I've also added you to my blogroll

have a great week:)

Marie said...

Hello Karin.

I have wrote about your great blog candy at my blog, and I have also added you to my bloglist. I will try to make a card within the next days.

Hugs, Marie.

lara said...

here is my blog entry:

your blog is fantastic:)

lara said...

this is my blog:


V Colbourne said...

Hello! I have already entered, but wanted to leave my e-mail addey :)


Katasiaczkowe pasje said...

What fabulous candy, thanks for the chance to win
my blog www.katasiaczkowe-pasje.blogspot.com

KAMAFTUT said...

Karin, thank you for a great challenge and for the chance to win a fabulous blog candy.
this is my blog: http://salonik-kamaftut.blogspot.com


Lauren said...

Great Prize, My entry is on my blog!

Lauren xx

Gwiazdeczka_211 -pierwsze-kroczki said...

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