Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ruby's birthday party

No new cards to show you today.
Instead I wanted to show you this picture

Ain't that sweet. The 11 kids from Ruby's birthdayparty.

All in one row, being quiet and watching other people play bowling.

And now imagine loud music, a lot of flashing discolights and smoke videoclips on big screens and 11 kids with to much energy.

Ever wondered what that looks like?

Take a look at the next pictures.

Ron and I had our hands full in controling them.

They were running, dancing and bowling all over the place.

There was so much noice, the kids only heard us when we were very close to them.

But they all had a great time (for most kids it was their first time on a bowlingalley).

And what makes parents more happy than the smiling faces of their kids.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a nice evening

xoxo Karin


marjolijn said...

Hoi karin, gezellig zeg bowlen met zoveel meiden hihi.
Ik heb een award voor je , kijk even op mijn blog.
Liefs Marjolijn

MichelleO said...

Looks like a fun time! What a great kids party -

Nixe07 said...

What a great kids party for Ruby. Looks really like a happy and fun time :)
Hugs, Moni